From play to the knowledge of design

For the first time, Łódź Design offers a programme for the youngest visitors and their parents, an area of educational fun – “Educreation”. Its idea comes from the belief that children should be shown good projects and taken to workshops and festivals, where their sense of aesthetics would be formed.

“Educreation” will comprise:

The “Childishness” exhibition – Polish projects for children. We will see both generally accessible, but original and well-designed toys, as well as uncommon products for children. This exhibition can surely become the first step towards arousing child’s curiosity and interest in design.

Educational Playground – for ten days of the Festival, professional babysitters will take care of children, while their parents will be able to walk around the exhibitions. The Playground will be equipped with toys related to design created by the best Polish and international designers which really develop children’s’ imagination, creativity and skills!

Workshops – they are meant to develop children’s spatial imagination, familiarise them with principles of spatial organisation and city functioning, and, above all, develop creative skills of the youngest participants. Children love such creative games.

Walks around the Festival Centre’s exhibitions with an unusual guide, who will translate the art’s language into children’s language – Ewa Solarz is the author of the first Polish book about design for children titled “D.E.S.I.G.N.”, and a journalist and co-founder of the Internet interior design handbook Children and parents will be able to visit three exhibitions: “Childishness”,  “Must Have” (the best  Polish projects implemented in production in the last 3 years), and “NeoFarm” – international design with a big dose of humour. 

We hope that “Educreation” will bring children closer to the fascinating world of design and contribute to the development of their creativity. Who knows, maybe the future star of international design star will visit us?

Event patron:

Festival Centre
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opening hours:
20.10 Thu: 18.00-20.30
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