Apart from presenting the newest and most interesting trends in international design, we would like to broaden the knowledge of our visitors concerning the phenomenon of design perceived as a bridge between art and business. One of the core elements of the Festival are lectures conducted by experts, including designers, manufacturers and curators who represent various areas of art (graphics, design, architecture, fashion, advertising), and who present different approaches to design.

The lectures are divided into thematic categories, which are:

22.10 HISTORY: Design for change
23.10 ARCHITECTURE: Redirection. Six lectures on change in architecture
29.10 GRAPHIC: Fickle Design?

The lectures outside the thematic categories:

discussion panel: Dobre Wnętrze, So, what about design? Dreams of Poles, Muzeum Kinematografii, entrance free

: prof. Jan D. Antoszkiewicz, dr Dora Hara, Festival Office, entrance with single-entrance ticket
Brainstorm – creative exercise (pl)
Designer > = < Manager (pl)

12.00 lecture: dr Milena Romanowska, Murals – an open gallery or a space for rebellion? (pl), Festival Office, entrance with single-entrance ticket
15.00 discussion panel: Dobre Wnętrze, Aesthetics and ergonomics as equally important values in modern kitchens (pl), Muzeum Kinematografii, entrance free
An exhibition of photographs of experimental kitchen interiors designed and realised for the Dobre Wnętrze magazine, and the meeting with their authors, i.e. interior designers involved in this project, who will explain their ideas, talk about the solutions, materials, and technologies they used. Together with the participants of the meeting, we will try to decide whether such projects have a chance to be accepted in Polish interiors, change our taste, shape our aesthetic sense. Dobre Wnętrze is open for further ideas – during the meeting with the festival audience, we will announce a contest for the dream kitchen for Poles. The winning model will be realised next year in our studio and photographed for Dobre Wnętrze/2012.

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