22.10  HISTORY: Design for change – moderated by Krystyna Łuczak-Surówka

Future-oriented design is virtually based on CHANGE. Change is a key category which opens many doors in the contemporary, diverse world. The 20th century has revalued our attitude to tradition and novelty and transformed the way we look at new things. Not only designers dream about changing the world today. Customers also have ever greater expectations towards design in this process of changes. The historical panel will let us see how design participates in the process of civilisation changes as their active constituent. What changes has it undergone itself and how has it inspired and generated other changes? This historical perspective will also reveal some reflections on the present and the past – after all, each passing moment is history in progress.

11.15 Józef Mrozek, CHANGE and LASTING (pl)
Kerstin Wickman, The relation between structure and change (en)
Victor Margolin, Design in the Good Society (en)
David Crowley, Design Fictions (en)
– coffee break
Krystyna Łuczak-Surówka, Even tradition changes (pl)
Tomek Rygalik, our Design (pl)
DuPont, Przemek Stopa, Design in public space – discussion about ergonomics and architecture (pl)
all these lectures are held in the Festival Centre, Targowa 35

All these lectures are held in the Festival Centre, Targowa 35, entrance to the lectures with multi-entrance pass.

20.00-21.00 lecture only for invitataions: KOŁO, Extreme Mobility 2020. A report on the latest and most interesting concepts of transport in European higher schools of design, Fever