23.10 ARCHITECTURE: Redirection. Six lectures on change in architecture – moderated by Agnieszka Rasmus-Zgorzelska

The number of people is growing, and we are building more and more. At the same time, architecture no longer offers one universal system of improving the quality of life. Which of architectonic experiments will help solve problems of the 21st century? Which of them will fail? We have invited the architects who search for such design solutions that respond to new economic, demographic or environmental challenges, as well as the researchers who study the changes in contemporary architecture, observe them, describe them or process them in their artistic activities.

11.15 Łukasz Biskupski, Straight from the street. Street art and the global culture industry (pl)
12.00 Nicolas Grospierre, Nothing disappears, nothing new appears, everything is being transformed (pl)
12.45 Coloco, Romain Quesada, Actions for urban diversity (en)
13.30 Kinnarps, Lars Bülow, Creative ideas for meetings (en)
14.15-15.15 – coffee break
15.15 CAD Projekt K&A, Design your interior in a different way – presentation of the newest version of CAD Decor 2.0 (pl)
16.00 STEALTH.unlimited, Ana Džokić, Marc Neelen, UN/COMMON SPACES (en)
16.45 MVRDV, Stefan de Koning, Why change? (en)
17.30 Fritz Haeg, Designing the wild and cultivating the city (en)

All these lectures are held in the Festival Centre, Targowa 35, entrance to the lectures with multi-entrance pass.