Nothing disappears, nothing new appears, everything is being transformed, Nicolas Grospierre

The title quote of Lavoisier, which could be a slogan of an idea of recycling, is usually understood as a basis for some laws of chemistry. Nonetheless, Lavoisier thought also about the works of culture. In his lecture, Nicolas Grospierre will try to explain how this maxim can be interpreted in this larger, cultural context, using i.a. examples from his own art.

Nicolas Grospierre
Born in Geneva, he grew up in France. He has been living in Poland since 1999. Before he got interested in photography, he studied political sciences and sociology in Paris and London. As a photographer, he focuses on documentary projects, but he is also interested in conceptual issues. His documentary works often deal with collective memory and the hopes put in modern architecture, now that the utopias which used to accompany it have lost their strength and significance. On the other hand, in his conceptual works he engages his audience into a game he plays with attractive, almost sensual, images and installations.