For the fourth time Lodz Art Center has invited young designers to take part in the make me! contest. The competition is open to young designers (both individual and project groups). All the participants must be between 20 and 30 years old. There are no other restrictions! We would like to discover talents with fresh look at design and give them the opportunity to exhibit their works during 5th International Design Festival in Lodz, 20-30 October 2011.

This year, we have received 280 applications from France, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Finland, the United Kingdom, the USA, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Greece, Canada, Egypt, Israel, Moldavia, the Netherlands, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, the Philippines, Japan and, of course, Poland. It is an irrefutable proof, confirming the significance and range of the contest. We are very grateful for all applications.

The main award in the make me! contest – PLN 20,000, funded by the Main Patron, Ceramika Paradyż – went to Thibaut Godard (France) for a set of porcelain vine bottles –“Porcelain”. The jury especially appreciated the creative way of labelling and perfect communication with a client through a beautifully made and thought-over product. The award was presented by Łukasz Kardas – Trading Vice-president of Ceramika Paradyż.



The Rosenthal award for design innovativeness went to Tomasz Pydo (Poland) for the “Owijka/Wrappie” lamp. The winner received a studio tour to the most important centres of porcelain design, starting with a visit to the oldest European factory of porcelain – Meissen. The next stage will involve visiting Dessau, home to Bauhaus school, managed by Prof. W. Gropius. The final stop of the tour will be in Selb – the most important centre of porcelain production, where the winner will visit the Rosenthal factory and the European Industrial Museum for Porcelain. The award was presented by Mr Remigiusz Koczuba ­– Rosenthal Art Director.


The DuPont Poland award went to Jacek Ryń (Poland) for “Doodle/Gryzmoł” . The award is a tour to Living Tomorrow in Belgium – an amazing place, where the most advanced architectonic solutions have been applied, aimed at saving energy, durable and safe in everyday use and improving the comfort of life, while serving decorative and functional purposes at the same time. The award was presented by Aleksandra Brzuchała, a representative of DuPont Poland.



Elle Decoration award for creative application of materials (minimum of form, maximum of content) and a witty interpretation of a well-known motif of a thread spool went to Tomasz Pydo (Poland) for the “Owijka/Wrappie” lamp. The award was presented by Małgorzata Szczepańska – chief editor of Elle Decoration.

The Domosfera vote was won by the FAWORY studio: Małgorzata Piotrowska, Monika Niezabitowska, Zofia Hejduk (Poland) for the “Transformacja/Transformation” chair . The award was presented by Marta Lubaszewska – chief editor of Domosfera.




Messe Frankfurt – the organiser of Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt, the largest consumer-goods fair in the world ( has invited the following finalists of the make me! contest to present their works in the TALENTS section (part of the fair devoted to young designers) on 10-14 February 2012:
– FAWORY group: Małgorzata Piotrowska, Monika Niezabitowska, Zofia Hejduk – designers of the “Transformacja/Transformation” chair,
– Tomasz Pydo – designer of the “Owijka/Wrappie” lamp.
The Fair will provide the invited designers with a fully equipped exhibiting area in the TALENTS section free of charge, where they will be able to present their designs and meet producers who may be interested in their purchase. The Fair will also cover the cost of transportation (renting a car+fuel) to Frankfurt and budget accommodation in the city.

Messe Frankfurt – the organiser of the Light+Building fair in Frankfurt, the largest lighting fair in the world ( has invited the following finalists of the make me! contest to present their works in the YOUNG DESIGN section of the fair on 15-20 April 2012:
– Mr Tomasz Pydo – designer of the “Owijka/Wrappie” lamp,
– Mr Jacek Ryn – designer of the “Gryzmoł/Doodle” lighting system,
– Mr Wojciech Kawczyk – designer of the “Ygrek” lamp.

The designers selected for the exhibitions:

  1. Katarzyna Augustyniak, ”Little Red Riding Hood” – a book (Poland)
  2. Agnieszka Dybowska, ”Fiu-Fiu” – a set of laundry clips (Poland)
  3. FAWORY: Małgorzata Piotrowska, Monika Niezabitowska, Zofia Hejduk, ”Transformation” – chairs (Poland)
  4. Magdalena Garncarz, ”Baba Yaga” – a stool (Poland)
  5. Daniel Glazman, ”Clamped Stool” – a stool (Israel)
  6. Thibaut Godard, ”Porcelain” – a set of porcelain wine bottles (France)
  7. Wojciech Kawczyk, ”Ygrek”– a lamp (Poland)
  8. Cordula Kehrer, ”Bow Bins” – bins (Germany)
  9. Urszula Kowal, ”IGE”– Individual Energy Generator (Poland)
  10. Anna Kruk, ”100YEARS.PL” – a website (Poland)
  11. Jakub Marzoch, ”Shelter” – a multi-functional camping tarp (Poland)
  12. Pilar Rojo Peso, ”ShowOFF Photobooks” – a project of a book series (Spain)
  13. Agnieszka Przewoźna, ”Multiplo” – a seat (Poland)
  14. Tomasz Pydo, ”Wrappie” – a lamp (Poland)
  15. Jacek Ryń, ”Doodle” – lighting system (Poland)
  16. Kristina Sekerova, ”Denim Patterns” – a textile (Slovakia)
  17. Katarina Siposova, ”Re-born napkins” – napkins (Slovakia)
  18. Sylwia Sroka, ”Crystals” – a textile (Poland)
  19. Design group TODO: Katarzyna Jakubowska, Tomasz Gębala, ”Caldo” – a ceramic tile (Poland)
  20. Chang Yu-Chih & Hu Tsuo-Ning, ”Type Y” – a chair (Taiwan)


The selection has been made by prestigious international jury, including:

Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka – Art Director of the 5th International Design Festival – Łódź Design, chair of the jury,
Sławomir Kluziak – Brand Design Club, Managing Director of SiebertHead Limited ,
Jimmy MacDonald – Tent London Director,
Ake Rudolf – Director of DMY in Berlin,
Zuzanna Skalska – trendwatcher,
Aze Design: Anna Kotowicz-Puszkarewicz, Artur Puszkarewicz – designers.

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