Portfolio Review is a unique type of consultations which serves as a meeting platform for designers, experienced artists, curators, design critics, journalists, publishers and manufacturers. Those who have some experience in design can have their projects evaluated by specialists. Such meetings are very important in terms of professional assessment, and they are also an unconventional form of promotion.
This year, the Portfolio Review will take place on 22 October (Saturday) and 23 October (Sunday).

Invited reviewers:
1. Gian Luca Amadei
2. Tomasz Augustyniak
3. Ryszard Balcerkiewicz
4. Marek Cecuła
5. Sayaka Yamamoto
6. Czesława Frejlich
7. Janusz Kaniewski
8. Sławek Kluziak
9. Dawid Korzekwa
10. Sophie Lovell
11. Anna Mikołajczyk
12. Janusz Obtułowicz Paweł Cymorek
13. Aleksandra Stępnikowska
14. Małgorzata Szczepańska
15. Jarosław Trybuś
16. James Auger
17. Jimmy Loizeau
18. Onkar Kular
19. Noam Toran
20. Richard Hutten

Each meeting with a reviewer lasts 30 minutes.
Number of available places for a Saturday session: 20 persons.
Number of available places for Sunday session: 20 persons.
Each participant can choose only one portfolio session (Saturday or Sunday), during which he/she will meet 5 experts. Bios of the reviewers will help to choose which meetings will be most appropriate (interests and experience-wise) for a given participant. Each session starts at 10 am and ends at 4 pm. One-hour break is included.

Send a completed application form, CV and (up to 10 photos of your projects [JPG], max total size – 3MB) to portfolio@lodzdesign.com by 26 September 2011. On 10 October at the latest, we will present the list of people qualified to the review on www.lodzdesign.com. We will select the participants on the basis of the submitted applications.

All and any questions regarding the review of portfolio should be sent to portfolio@lodzdesign.com.

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