October in Łódź will abound in fascinating and colourful cultural events devoted to various areas of art. There will be something for everyone, whether you are into design, music, fashion, or just like Łódź and discovering its new faces. We recommend:

International Festival of Music Producers and Sound Designers
Łódź 28th – 30th October 2011, Teatr Muzyczny, Północna 47/51

“The love of music, appreciation for the creativity of music producers, as well as respect for their work, have been inspiration behind the idea we have been implementing for three years. We have decided not to wait any longer and honour the work of producers and sound engineers, dedicating a festival to them.”
Flood, Daniel Miller and Adam Toczko are this year’s recipients of The Man with the Golden Ear Award which they will be presented with during the evening gala on 29th October. However, the list of the outstanding music producers who will visit Lodz at the last weekend of October is much longer. Ben Hiller, Andrzej Karp, Winicjusz Chróst, David Stark, Steve Levine, among others, announced their workshops and meetings with music lovers. Schneiders Karrussell, an unusual synthesizer installation will be available to see for those who will visit the festival. So far, Schneiders Karrussell has been shown in London and in the exposition Musicmesse in Frankfurt. This is the first opportunity to test this original sound machine in Poland.

Fashionphilosophy Fashion Week Poland
Łódź 26th – 30th October 2011

FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland is the biggest fashion event in the East-Central Europe. The event takes place two times a year – this year’s autumn edition presenting Spring/Summer 2012 trends has been scheduled to take place between the 26th -30th of October 2011, and our following editions are going to take place between the 18th -22nd of April 2012 and the 24th -28th of October 2012.

Muzeum Sztuki w Łodzi

Łódź, Ogrodowa 19

This new space of the Muzeum Sztuki is located in the historic building of a 19th century weaving plant. ms2 is primarily a venue for experimenting with the Collection of 20th and 21st Century Art. The unique collection of the Museum is presented in an unconventional way: instead of a chronological lecture on the development of art, works of art representing various periods and movements are arranged into a story touching themes and motifs important for the contemporary public. The permanent exhibition is a ‘work in progress’, constantly subject to alterations, rearranged by invited curators and artists themselves. ms2 also features temporary exhibitions, workshops, lectures, meetings with artists and film screenings. The building also houses Boston Café and an artistic bookshop, mała litera art.

Festival of Kinetic Art of Light – LIGHT MOVE FESTIVAL
Łódź 28th – 29th October 2011

Festival of Kinetic Art of Light – Light Move Festival has been planned to be the largest presentation of multimedia art in Poland. It has been conceived as an unusual, periodic event aimed on promoting cultural and creative potential in the city of Lodz. Our main goal is to show in an extraordinary way: historic places, architecture and spaces in the very center of the city during the nighttime. It would be a fusion of historical identity of Lodz with the visual art. We consider this event as a great combination of motion, dynamics, light, projection, animation and kinetic art, sound, color and light installations. Public spaces, forgotten corners and courtyards in Lodz shall transform into media of light and art. Conscious and artistic use of light will emphasize the individuality and attractiveness of Lodz and make it a unique and specific point on the map of Europe.
The theme of the first edition of Light Move Festival has been defined in three categories referring to three heritages of Lodz
– industrial – industrial history of the city, manufacturers, workers and the specific multicultural atmosphere and pace of life.
– avant-garde – heritage of avant-garde in Lodz, great concepts of Katarzyna Kobro, Władysław Strzemiński, Henryk Stażewski and the whole a.r. group, creative interpretation of classical avant-garde heritage.
– film – dynamic projections, films and videos, heritage of the legendary Film School in Lodz with its artists, students.