WAMP – the design fair

WAMP is a grassroot initiative founded in 2006. The core activity of the group is organisation of a monthly design fair where emerging Hungarian designers show their works in the centre of Budapest. Design meets urban Hungarians, tourists and expats. It is also a meeting place for creative young trend setters. WAMP opens up to the world once a year, and invites the greatest talents and design professionals from around the globe to showcase their work and talent in Budapest.

The main objective of WAMP has always been to support Hungarian fashion and design as well as to enhance the visual culture of its audience. It also intends to promote dialogue between the public and designers, designers and companies and designers and designers also on an international level.


28-29 October 2011

1mind1/ Muskotál Dénes
make belts, not war; he makes recycled tire belts, recycled innertube and tire jewellery

Meikawa/ Kasza Emese
MEI KAWA is the one of a kind rendezvous of the female and male attitudes: they analyse, complement and affect each other, and fuse and melt in one. Men’s collection is stylish and harmonius; women’s clothes are sensual, varied and lively

The Béta Version/ Varga Cili and Rainer Zsófia
they design unique leather bags and accessories, all handmade by hand according to very high quality standards, with an emphasis on detail

MLamp/ Fatér Mária
Due to the usage of chinaware, crockery, and glassware, one-off pieces are born. Lamps have been made out of children’s rubber boots, thermos flasks, cookies and so on. Mlamp’s lamps are a refreshing alternative choice in today’s mass produced home decor stuff.

Erdei Ildikó Virág
Kapelusze w każdym rozmiarze, stylu, dla kobiet i mężczyzn. Artystka projektowała kapelusze dla Jay Kaya i Suzanne Vegi. / Hats. In every size, in every style, form women and for men. She has designed hats for Jay Kay and Suzanne Vega.

Katona Barbara
Barbi’s watches won’t tell you what time it is, but they will surely make you smile. A motionless moment closed under the glass of a watch.

Görömbei Luca
Od 2007 roku projektantka rozwija możliwości zastosowania dla indywidualnie opracowanej technologii produkcji elementów szklanych / Since 2007 her artistic work has been focusing on the research of possible applications of individually designed and developed glass technology

Juhász Ádám
Ádám designs and produces decorative and unique lamps. In his work, he experiments a lot with forms, both in 2D and 3D.

The Tilka textile cables and extension cords are perfect accessories for you home! Choose from18 different colours, and pimp up your rooms and lamps!

Ducsai Judit

jewelries designed in  traditional techniques, bags

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