Workshops are a great opportunity to practice creative conceptual work and to learn different techniques of creating a project. Held by designers-practitioners, the workshops facilitate the professional development of both amateurs and experienced creators. This year, we have invited some extraordinary personalities.

9.00-15.00 NeoFarming, BCXSY

Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto – an Israeli-Japanese couple of designers-curators, who work in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Their exhibition, “NeoFarm”, is part of this year edition’s Main Programme. They say about themselves that they want to emphasise beauty, purity, wit, emotional awareness and personal experience. The workshop that they will hold during Łódź Design is addressed to a group of 15 students that have some experience in the area of art and design. The workshop will be a sort of a practical exercise that focuses on experiments in designing.

Participants should have some design background – either art/design students or young designers. Reasonable English is also very handy.

Workshop for 10 persons. The workshop is to be held in English.
Participation in the workshop only for multi-entrance ticket holders.
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11.00-15.00 Dora Hara performance: “INTO COOOLORS – first”, this is creating monumental, Painting Social on silk
16.00-18.00 workshops: dr Dora Hara, Paint it! – painting patterns on silk, Festival Center

15.00 Nacho Carbonell, “a mind collage”

Every object that gives you feelings, every memory, experience, a collection of things… all these are the structure that can be the soil to grow your idea, to develop a concept, to create your design, they are the tools to compose a mind collage.

Explanation of the workshop:
I would like to invite people to come to the workshop with all kinds of things that they think are important for them, to bring the objects that have a ”personal magic value” and a story to share with me and the group. First, I would start with a short lecture explaining my work and how from small objects from my daily live I created a collection. Later in the workshop, everybody will explain why the object they have brought is important for them and we will together analyze the object and extract from it what could help us to create a concept or a form for our designs.

Workshop for 25 persons. The workshop will be held in English.
Participation in the workshop only for multi-entrance ticket holders.
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Nacho Carbonell – a graduate of the Spanish university Cardenal Herrera C.E.U. and the famous Design Academy Eindhoven, which he completed with honours. In 2009, his project titled “Evolution” was nominated by the London Design Museum to the title of the project of the year. In 2010, he presented his works during Design Week in Milan. His strong point is an amazing ability to establish great contact with other people, and willingness to cooperate and exchange inspirations.

We have also invited our partners to cooperation – SWSPiZ Academy of Management, Aniro company and the Festival Patron – Ceramika Paradyż.


Free your child’s creativity!

On Saturday, 22 October, in the main centre of Łódź Design Festival at Targowa 35, a design workshop  “Paradyż Land” will be organised. Modern technology will be used to present young participants with various forms of designing. Participation in the workshop is free of charge.

The aim of the workshop is to present the subject of design to the youngest festival guests in such a form that is adjusted to their age – games, interactive education and individual designing. The participants will practice their designing sense under the careful eye of instructors – famous Łódź designers and people involved with modern design. The workshops will be held in three age groups: 3-6 years, 7-10 years, 11-14 years, thanks to which the programme and the form of the workshop will be most appropriate for its participants.

All the creative exercises will employ modern technologies: touch screens, projectors and an interactive floor – iFloor. Ceramika Paradyż tiles will be used as the material for screens, on which multimedia presentations for the youngest will be shown, and on which the participants will create projects with a special chalk that is used in 3D drawing.

The workshops have been organized by Ceramika Paradyż – the Main Patron of the 5th Łódź Design Festival.

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Register for the workshops: (+48) 516 721 946,
The number of participants is limited!

dr Janusz Kucharski
11.00-12.30 BLACK IS WHITE
13.00-14.30 LESS > MORE (LESS is MORE)
15.00-16.30 desigNO!

12.00 & 16.00 – dr Tamara Sass, Between touch and time

More information soon.

The workshops have been organized by SWSPiZ Academy of Management – the Technological Partner the 5th Łódź Design Festival.


Does stuccowork keep up with changes?

4 legendary movies as a background and 4 unusual periods – as an excuse to show the essence of changes in stuccowork.

If you are open to:
- stylish entertainment,
- creative thinking,

and want to:
- share your constructive enthusiasm,
- take part in an interesting and inspiring show,

you are more than welcome to join a special workshop meeting during which each participant will take part in discovering and making CHANGES in the interior design related to the styles of 4 periods.

Become a co-author of unique 3D pictures which will be a one-hundred-percent combination of stuccowork, ideas and imagination of the workshops participants.
Create something extraordinary!

The workshop will begin with  a lecture by the Belgian designer Geoffroy Lhoest on the process of designing a new collection of stuccowork and the approach towards CHANGES in the way of thinking about stuccowork.

Workshop organizer: Akademia SZTUKaterii&Aniro

More information on website.

Apply for the workshop titled: “Does stuccowork keep up with changes?”
Sing up: (+48) 502 234 570,
Limited number of places available!

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