Design Faction (2011)

Gunnar Green / Santiago Ortega Haboud / Vilma Jaruseviciute / Marek Kultys / Gerard Rallo / Dominic Wilcox / Ludwig Zeller / Sitraka Rakotoniaina / Studio Duho: Hina Thibaud and Olivia Decaris / Revital Cohen / James Auger & Jimmy Loizeau / Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

Lat. fictio, f. – creation, shaping, inventing
Lat. factio, f. – action

For the last hundred years, human body has changed like never before. Research shows that we are taller, we weigh more, our bodies have different build. This way, human organism has adjusted to a variety of changes which we have been exposed to during the last century. Where biology still has to work on something, designers get involved. Mobile mini-devices, temporary prostheses and active implants are their response to the technological progress. These are also examples showing how much design itself has changed. A wide spectrum of 2D and 3D planning has been joined by creation of alternative scenarios and speculative solutions which run far into the future. Design is also a critical commentary on contemporariness – our lifestyle, ambitions and desires. At the same time, it disturbs our comfort of being a user, making us wonder if what we witness is design fiction or another step in the technological evolution.

Partner of the project – British Council.

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