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“We are designers, not curators.” – this was the first thing which came to our minds when we were asked to create an exhibition for the Lodz Design Festival. Yet, almost at the same time, this thought transformed into an exciting challenge. When we design, our goal is often to bring together different elements and merge them into one harmonious entity, and when thinking about it, this approach is also what we would like to see when looking at an exhibition.

Choosing different works and placing them side by side is like building our very own farm – a place which provides our basic needs along with some of our utmost desires. The chosen objects are often ‘animated’ through the use of references to our life and our surroundings, and through the positioning in a relevant context.

In the course of time many designers have recognized the significance of exploring and looking beyond the purely functional properties of their creations, through additionally addressing emotional and personal aspects. This resolution often leads to a stronger bond between the viewer and the object. Such values, along with the functional/practical needs are often seen as essential in order to generate ‘good design’, and often are complementary – the function raises the emotion and vice-versa.

Our urge to express the individual within a rapidly changing milieu is drawing us toward the familiar, triggered by the visual properties, as well as the tactile, smell or any other sensory stimulation. The relation could derive from our own nostalgia, or emerge from collective memory.

The result is a welcoming surrounding which is well known, yet innovative. An environment seemingly simple, yet very clever.

Curators: BCXSY – Boaz Cohen & Sayaka Yamamoto

Festival Centre
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20.10 Thu: 18.00-20.30
21-30.10 Fri-Sun: 11.00-20.00