Arzu Firuz & Paul Huber (France)

Wood Trompe l’Oleil Collection (2007)
PVC floor covering, digital cutting

Arzu and Paul met in Istanbul and started to collaborate when they were both studying design in Paris. During those years of college, they usually shared ideas and projects. Their creations are based on their exchange of stylistic references and the synergy of their inspirations. Their interest for the oriental carpet as a nomad item led them to question the concept of floor covering. They chose to gather the qualities of a vinyl floor with the delicacy of Persian or Ottoman patterns in the collection of rugs suitable for private indoor use. Made in residential vinyl floor covering that looks like wood, in which antique Persian and Zellige designs are cut, these Trompe l’Oeil rugs look like delicate wood lace. Flexible and light, they are easy to carry.