Floris Hovers (The Netherlands)

Archetoys (2005-2009)
steel – metal tubes, cutting , welding and painting

The model cars created by Dutch designer Floris Hovers are instantly recognizable. With basic, factory-made metal parts, Hovers assembles what he calls ArcheToys, archetypes of familiar motorized vehicles. The designer creates a three-dimensional impression of an ambulance, a fire truck or a double decker bus with few elements, but enough imagination to make anyone smile with surprise.


Suggesting Tin (2004)
manufacture of tin toys

A fascination for tin toys and a passion for suggestive thinking of children formed a ‘classic’ cabinet.

Not from wood, though it looks like this, but in fact it is made from tin-plate. Moreover, the techniques employed by the designer also apply to tin toys – elements are joined with rivets and bent, punched, printed and molded into shape. The result is a cabinet which looks like a materialized, three-dimensional illustration in a children’s book.

Tangible and useful, yet somewhere between fantasy and reality.