KRAUD: Yvonne Fehling & Jennie Peiz (Germany)

Still Lives (2010)
fiber glass body, traditional leather upholstery, handmade

Objects for domestic space.
Fitment, toy, luxury good, sculpture.
Stuffed toy, gym equipment.
Projection area.


What is it that puts people in a happy mood when they see these objects?

We are looking at a life-sized family of pigs, upholstered with traditional diamond quilting in leather and standing in front of us in a natural fashion.

Decoration and companion. Silent, house-trained, low-maintenance.
Maybe they are an expression of a certain type of saturation. Or of deprivation.
Maybe, these still lives simply eagerly strain the classic concept of design.
In any case, they deliberately defy all definition. There is something both confounding and liberating about it.

In any case, they are a welcome change in an unexpected direction.