Architecture is experiencing a crisis.

The era of systems aiming to organise the entirety of human existence while providing ready architectural formulas to improve lives – such as ‘machines for living’ or comprehensively planned cities – is over. Explosive population growth has caused an unprecedented increase in architectural production. The construction industry is rapidly undergoing a technological revolution. The pace of all these changes intensifies the feeling of confusion. On the other hand, rigidity and resistance to modifications continue to characterise architectural works, raising questions about their usability in a changing world. The design of modern buildings and housing estates must take into account society’s  new problems, like: overpopulation, an approaching global resources crisis, deepening social differences as well as environmental concerns.

Does contemporary architecture have an idea for itself and its future? There are spontaneous, bottom-up ideas which indicate the industry’s future directions. Redirections are happening here and now. In fact, these ideas, such as environmentally friendly living, experimental modes of education and work, prototype systems for data calculation – dataism, or new forms of social participation in urban design, are all being tested right now. While we do not know where these ideas will lead us, it is worth examining them as attempts to avert a global crisis. There are no ready solutions and answers, but we do have some hints and strategies to share.

Urban agriculture
New work, new education
Culture of participation

Curator: Centrum Architektury

The “Redirection” exhibition is accompanied by the presentation of the Vertical Garden.

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