The experience gained during the previous editions of the festival helped us realise that while we are opening up for the latest global trends, we are often not aware of what is happening in our own neighbourhood. Additionally, our international guests visit Łódź to experience eastern design as well, and see projects from this part of Europe. They would like to meet the designers that were not presented on the biggest European design-oriented events. Therefore, we decided that during Łódź Design 2011 we would display eastern design as part of our Special Exhibitions. We want to be the cultural link between the East and the West.

The exhibitions we selected are not intended to present the objective overview of tendencies in Eastern Europe, but they adequately reflect current trends. They define the areas of interest and surprise with the unexpected. Even though our history and experiences differ, we can make them our asset and the source of strength that makes our design so special.

Moving island – Kitchen Budapest
…and I woke in Europe
Light Sculptures, Czech Lights 1950-1990
Gone with the wind