Tereza Barabash

Triptych: Kids (2007)
collage: fabric, paper, print

A triptych made with the use of the author’s own technique, with fabric, paper, thread, and printing. Displayed twice: in 2010 at the exhibition of works created under Polish scholarship programs “Inspiration” in Lviv, and in 2011 during the author’s exhibition in the Dzyga gallery in Lviv.

The author often refers to themes concerning the correlation between human and society, human and environment.

A human embryo is one of the main symbols in her creative work. The embryo means a new human life, something new rising and forming. At the same time, it stays just one of the elements and a small cog in the mechanism of the whole social system functioning.

The triptych was largely influenced by pop-art. It also reveals, in some way, what consumes a modern society.