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Moving island – Kitchen Budapest (2011)

Kitchen Budapest (KIBU) is a moving island with young researchers from different backgrounds (architect, programmer, artist, designer), who are working together on new technology-based cultural projects.

KIBU is a moving island with various experimental and research projects, from interactive installations, through DIY or design prototypes, auto-ethnographic research to mobile applications.

KIBU is a moving island with the aim to share knowledge and skills with universities, schools, creative groups and companies from Hungary and other countries.

KIBU is a moving island with a collaborative working method – common workshops, projects, lectures, residencies

KIBU is a moving island with alocal and international network of contacts.

KIBU is a moving island which serves as an innovative platform for those who want to try themselves at new things.

KIBU is a moving island with a dynamic, open and creative community.

Kitchen Budapest is a medialab created in 2007 with the support of Magyar Telekom.


Patron of exhibition: Hungarian Cultural Institute in Warsaw.

Festival Centre
Targowa 35
+48 42 6842095
opening hours:
20.10 Thu: 18.00-20.30
21-30.10 Fri-Sun: 11.00-20.00