Some practical information about Festival:


This year, for the first time we have been collaborating with architects on preparation of a coherent arrangement of the Festival Centre. Visit Łódź Design 2011 on 20-30 October in order to personally admire the effect of this collaboration.

Authors on the concept:
“We have created the arrangement of the festival which provides an attractive background for exhibitions and enters into a dialogue with the interior of the modernist Old Weaving Mill building. Using stretch film, a material widely used to protect suitcases on airports, we have connected the pillars, thus creating partition walls and exposing entrances to exhibition areas on the fw floors of the centre. It the original industrial character of the building, and the semitransparent film introduces ephemeral light to its raw interior.

The renewed facade has been complemented with a long platform, shaped in the form of a festival ‘red carpet.’ The entrance axis leads directly to the registration office, cloak-room, ticket office and information centre, finally reaching ‘the great boom.’ The place is the central foyer and the heart of festival public life for the next 10 days. Concentrically situated entrances lead to various public spaces – a restaurant, bookstore, shop and to  representative functions. The central point of this agora is the Owl wearing 3D glasses – the symbol and mascot of the exhibition.

The remaining floors have been filled with exhibitions. The last storey serves as a conference centre.
The stretch film will be used in transportation of the exhibited items after the festival.”

Zofia Strumiłło-Sukiennik
Jan Sukiennik (137kilo)
Wojciech Gajewski

Michał Jan Kozłowski
Marta Morawska
Bartłomiej Popiela