We have decided to perform a contest to reveal which brand gained the most popularity amongst our guests. The designers with the most votes were: PocketTeeBelt, Mamapiki and the Hungarian designer Barbara Katona. The winners will be showcased on our website and in the festival catalogue for the 2012 edition.


We wish to congratulate all the audiences’ favourites!


PockeTeeBelt is a two-person team composed of Marcelina and Marynka, who have been working the brand for two years now. Marcelina ornaments clothes with her own, hand-drawn graphic designs, while Marynka creates unique handbags and waist pockets for carrying small items. The design for this year’s collection of t-shirts, which serve as canvases for the drawings, was made by Zosia Chylak.

Barbara Katona
We must forget the concept of hours and minutes in order to pay more attention to the content hidden inside. My name is Barbara Katona. I live in Budapest, Hungary. I have been a goldsmith since 2004. The idea to make these watches was born 3 years ago, when I found an old watch with a damaged mechanism. I decided to try and reinvent the last moments of the watch, even though we may never be able to know its history. A static moment is reigning over the space which has been long governed by time. My first watch had a picture of two children inside – my sister and me. This watch once belonged to my grandfather. My aim is to keep people from forgetting to smile and to stop once in a while in this hectic world. My watches are made for adults. My favorite watch was bought by a girl who gave it to her father as a gift. Her father collected watches. I do not keep any of my works, I feel satisfied because of the joy I experience while making them. I want to share this kind of joy with other people through my works.

Mamapiki is a Warsaw-based streetwear label. Distinctive geometric cuts, unusual materials, optimistic minimalism – the designers draw their inspirations from urban spaces and treat comfort as their top priority. Clothing is available at the label’s webstore: www.mamapiki.com/store