5th Łódź Design Festival 2011
This year, the festival will take place from 20 to 30 October. The motto Change! is meant to draw the public attention to the changes in the way of thinking about design. In a wider perspective, it also emphasises the changing social needs, as well as expectations towards design and designers. Designers are now facing new challenges: to produce less, but wiser, locally instead of globally, universally rather than according to trends.

The main programme of the festival comprises two exhibitions: Redirection and Neofarm. Their curators, Centrum Architektury and BCXSY, treat these projects as an opportunity to put forward important theses and ask questions. Some answers are already given to us, while others still have to be found in the exhibitions. The festival will also include its well-known and already tested elements: a review of international design schools, make me! contest, portfolio review, lectures divided into thematic blocks, films and discussions.

What’s new?

New venue – for the first time, the festival will take place outside the organizer’s (Łódź Art Center) seat, as the distinctive buildings of former Scheibler’s factories are just about to be renewed in order for their unique charm to be restored. Łódź Design 2011 will therefore take place in the former weaving mill constructed by Boris and Nahum Eitingon in the 1930s. The whole factory complex at 35 Targowa Street, with its distinctive body of reinforced concrete and glazed elevations, is a great example of pre-war modernist architecture. It has been subject to revitalisation since 2010, thanks to which the facade regained its original appearance.

Thanks to the growing designers’ interest in the festival, the first contest was announced for events and exhibitions of the Open Programme – the selected projects will correspond to the Main Programme. As they will be organised in various spots around the city (galleries, museums, clubs), whole Łódź will have an opportunity to experience design.

Educreation – for the first time, Łódź Design has something for its youngest guests and their parents ­ a space for educational fun. The parents will have a chance to try various creative ways of spending time with their kids, or to visit exhibitions without a hurry, while the children will stay (and play) under professional care.

Lectures – this time divided into thematic blocks, corresponding to the festival programme.

Lodz Design Festival 2011 – presentation

Lodz Design Festival is an event which, since its creation in 2007, has been the ground for thought and experience exchange for artistic circles who identify with design in general, and for business. The efforts of the organizer – Lodz Art Center – and the support of many partners made it possible for the festival to become the largest Polish event on design only a few years after it had been launched as a local, minor exhibition. The festival presents design in its various modes – starting from industrial design, through arts and crafts, graphic design, architecture, up to fashion.

The key point of Lodz Design Festival is always a thematic main programme consisting of curator exhibitions. It is developed and completed by open and varied range of accompanying events. The most important are: lectures held by world renowned specialists, contest for young designers “make me!” and a portfolio review which enables the students and graduates of art schools to confront their ideas directly with professionals (curators, designers and producers).

Lodz Design Festival – presentation

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