14.10 Friday

19.00 Opening: Jurczyk Design, Designed by Jurczyk Design – accompanying exhibition, Galeria Opus


20.10 Thursday

12.00-14.00 Conference: Financing art in public space, Akademicki Ośrodek Inicjatyw Artystycznych

10.00 Architects Welcome! – accompanying group exhibition, Atak Design
16.00 Stuccowork of CHANGES – accompanying exhibition, Lofty „U Scheiblera”
17.00 PININFARINA unknown – ORBITAL and other masterpieces of design – accompanying exhibition, Alto Galeria
17.30 Archimode:
- In turns – accompanying group exhibition
- Young Polish Design – Selected Objects – accompanying group exhibition
- LDZ BOY – accompanying group exhibition
18.00 MSES KOŁO by Janusz Kaniewski – Mobile KOŁO Exhibition – Training Room, Archimode
18.30 Opening of the Festival & make me! award ceremony

Exhibitions, Centrum Festiwalowe
- NeoFarm  – group exhibition, Main Programme
- Redirection. Change in architecture – group exhibition, Main Programme
- Nika Zupanc, Gone with the wind – special exhibition
- …and I woke up in Europe – special group exhibition
- Moving island – Kitchen Budapest –  special exhibition
- Light Sculptures, Czech Table Lamps 1950-1990 – special group exhibition
- School Review – post-contest group exhibition
- make me! – post-contest group exhibition
- Kinnarps, Creative Meetings! – accompanying exhibition
- Ceramika Paradyż, My Way Paradyż Group – presentation of products
- Ceramika Paradyż, Exhibition organised in cooperation with the Strzemiński Academy of Art in Łódź
- must have – accompanying group exhibition
- Cad Projekt, Changes in design – CAD Projekt K&A presents CAD Decor 2.0 and Render PRO software – presentation of products
- Interprint, Combinations – accompanying exhibition
- BoConcept, IKEA, Kinnarps, Interior Energy. Scandinavian Style – accompanying group exhibition
- Association of Applied Graphic Designers (STGU), Overdesigned? – accompanying group exhibition
- Childishness – Polish design for children – accompanying group exhibition
- Poczta Polska S.A., Polish Stamp Design – accompanying exhibition
- DuPont, Fresh Light of Corian® – accompanying exhibition    
- Rosenthal, 50 years of Rosenthal Studio-Line, 50 years of design – accompanying exhibition
- Gispen, NgispeN – accompanying exhibition
- Contemporary Polish Interior Photography – group exhibition
- Design Faction – accompanying group exhibition
- Monika Jaworska, Modus Vivendi – Golden Thread 2011 post-contest exhibition
- Gosia Golińska, Remigiusz Biernacki, Human Space/Change – accompanying exhibition
- IKEA, From sketches in Stockholm to textiles for homes – accompanying exhibition
- IKEA My Way – post-contest group exhibition
- Karolina Hałatek, Enter Me – Spiritual Design – accompanying exhibition
19.30 Exhibitions, Pomorska 21. Dom Towarzystwa Kredytowego
- Zamek Cieszyn, Silesian Icon 2010 – post-contest exhibition
- Elle, Fashion Flash. Fashion in Elle Lens – accompanying group exhibition
- Exhibition by the Jewellery Studio at the Strzemiński Academy of Art in Łódź – accompanying group exhibition
- Anna Gawłowska, Glass Vegetable Garden – accompanying exhibition
- Design Auction – accompanying group exhibition
- Domosfera.pl, Bryla.pl, Simple Past – multimedia presentation
20.30 Kanciapa Kuztom Kreationz, Custom Bikes accompanying exhibition, Miejski Punkt Kultury Prexer – UŁ

21.10 Friday

11.15-18.00 Lectures, Centrum Festiwalowe
11.15 Ksenia Kaniewska, Ukraine. My share of this path (pl)
12.00 Aleksandr Mukomelov, Ukrainian realities of contemporary design (ru)
12.45 Marek Cecuła,  21st century ceramics (pl)
13.30 Jarosław Trybuś, Redirection. On change in architecture (pl)
14.15-15.15 coffee break
15.15 BCXSY, NeoFarm (en)
16.00 Richard Hutten, Homo Ludens – The playing man (en)
16.45 Stefan Nilsson, New Scandinavian Design – changes and new trends from Sweden and neighboring countries (en)
17.30 Federico Luti, Kartell – presentation (en) Lecture canceled due to reasons beyond the control of the organizer

18.00 Idea MM, Barbara Lehmann, Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand’s Cassina furniture collections and the aspect of authenticity (it), andel’s Hotel

Films, Muzeum Kinematografii  
17.00 Helvetica, dir. Gary Hustwit, (en) (80 min.)
18.30 Objectified, dir. Gary Hustwit, (en) (75 min.)

17.00 ejtu, ExCHANGE – accompanying exhibition, zmianatematu.
18.00 Maciej Strumiłło, Qi &Dancing Fabric – accompanying exhibition, Akademicki Ośrodek Inicjatyw Artystycznych
19.00 Agnieszka Lasota, … And this room will be empty – accompanying exhibition, Zona Sztuki Aktualnej
19.30 Cassina, Authentic Colour – accompanying exhibition, andel’s Hotel

20.30 Auctionof furniture from the Authentic Colour exhibition, andel’s Hotel
The auction will be an opportunity to buy a collection of LC2 and LC3 armchairs, LC4 chaise lounge, and many other Le Corbusier design masterpieces.
22.00 Party: MegaTotal Design Party, Jazzga
(Admission only for multi-entrance ticket/festival ID holders. Limited number of participants.)
MOOMOO Architects, % – accompanying exhibition, Pracownia MOOMOO Architects

22.10 Saturday

09.00-00.00 MSES KOŁO by Janusz Kaniewski – Mobile KOŁO Exhibition – Training Room, parks at: Rynek Manufaktury  
10.00-16.00 Portfolio Review, Muzeum Kinematografii

Films, Muzeum Kinematografii
11.00 Dizajnerki – Polish Women in Design (pl), dir. Jacek Dużyński (60 min.)
12.30 Let’s Use It. The History of Polish Design (pl), dir. Małgorzata Olimpia Świderska (58 min.)

13.00-16.00 Design workshops for children: Paradyż Land, Ceramika Paradyż, Centrum Festiwalowe
16.00-18.00 free entrance to Paradyż Land for children, Ceramika Paradyż

11.15-17.15 Lectures, Centrum Festiwalowe
HISTORY: Design for change
11.15 Józef Mrozek, Change and lasting (pl)
12.00 Kerstin Wickman, The relation between structure and change (en)
12.45 Victor Margolin, Design in the Good Society (en)
13.30 David Crowley, Design Fictions (en)
14.15-15.15 coffee break
15.15 Krystyna Łuczak-Surówka, Even tradition changes (pl)
16.00 Tomek Rygalik, our Design (pl)
16.45 DuPont, Przemysław Stopa, Design in public space – discussion about ergonomics and architecture (pl)

16.00 Chrum.Company, There used to be a cinema here – accompanying exhibition, Klubokawiarnia Owoce i Warzywa
17.00 Albino Celato, Enrico Benetta, My Space – accompanying exhibition, Diehl Deco
18.00 Image – accompanying group exhibition, Allmendinger
19.00 Grupa Cukier, PechaKucha Night Łódź – Review – accompanying group exhibition, Textorial Park

20.00 5th birthday of Studio Rygalik, Studio Rygalik
20.00-21.00 Closed lecture: Extreme Mobility 2020. A report on the latest and most interesting concepts of transport in European higher schools of design, Fever
22.00 Party: KOŁO. Proudly made in Poland, Fever
Admission only for multi-entrance ticket/festival ID holders. Limited number of participants. The party coorganised by Sanitec KOŁO, Łódź Design and Kaniewski Haute Design.

23.10 Sunday

10.00-16.00 Portfolio Review, Muzeum Kinematografii
10.30-14.30 Discussion panel: Dobre Wnętrze, So, what about design? Dreams of Poles, Muzeum Kinematografii
11.15-18.00 Lectures, Centrum Festiwalowe
ARCHITECTURE: Redirection. Six lectures on change in architecture
11.15 Łukasz Biskupski, Straight from the street. Street art and the global culture industry (pl)
12.00 Nicolas Grospierre, Nothing disappears, nothing new appears, everything is being transformed (pl)
12.45 Coloco, Romain Quesada, Actions for urban diversity (en)
13.30 Kinnarps, Lars Bülow, Creative ideas for meetings (en)
14.15-15.15 coffee break
15.15 CAD Project K&A, Design your interior in a different way – presentation of the newest version of CAD Decor 2.0 (pl)
16.00 STEALTH.unlimited, Ana Džokić, Marc Neelen, UN/COMMON SPACES (en)
16.45 MVRDV, Stefan de Koning, Why change? (en)
17.30 Fritz Haeg, Designing the wild and cultivating the city (en)

Films, Muzeum Kinematografii
15.00 Helvetica, dir. Gary Hustwit, (en) (80 min.)
16.30 Objectified, dir. Gary Hustwit, (en) (75 min.)

24.10 Monday

09.00-15.00 Workshops: NeoFarming, BCXSY, Centrum Festiwalowe

25.10 Tuesday

11.00-15.00 Dora Hara performance: “INTO COOOLORS – first”, this is creating monumental, Painting Social on silk, Centrum Festiwalowe
16.00-18.00 Workshops: dr Dora Hara, Paint it! –painting patterns on silk, Centrum Festiwalowe

26.10 Wednesday

12.00 Opening and announcement of the results: 22nd Strzemiński Competition – Design 2011, Galeria Kobro, Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Łodzi
11.00-12.30 Lecture and excercises: prof. Jan D. Antoszkiewicz, dr Dora Hara, Brainstormcreative exercise (pl), Centrum Festiwalowe
14.00-15.00 Lecture: prof. Jan D. Antoszkiewicz, dr Dora Hara, Designer > = < Manager (pol.), Centrum Festiwalowe

Workshops: dr Janusz Kucharski, Centrum Festiwalowe
11.00-12.30 BLACK IS WHITE
13.00-14.30 LESS > MORE (LESS is MORE)
15.00-16.30 desigNO!
17.21 Opening:
“INTO COOOLORS – first” social painting by Dora Hara, Centrum Festiwalowe

27.10 Thursday

12.00 & 16.00 Workshops: dr Tamara Sass, Between touch and time, Centrum Festiwalowe
12.00 Lecture:
dr Milena Romanowska, Murals – an open gallery or a space for rebellion?, Centrum Festiwalowe
15.00 Discussion panel:
Dobre Wnętrze, Aesthetics and ergonomics as equally important values in modern kitchens, Muzeum Kinematografii

28.10 Friday

11.00-20.00 Remade Market, Centrum Festiwalowe
Films, Muzeum Kinematografii
17.00 Helvetica, dir. Gary Hustwit, (en) (80 min.)
18.30 Objectified, dir. Gary Hustwit, (en) (75 min.)

29.10 Saturday

11.00-20.00 Remade Market, Centrum Festiwalowe

12.00-14.00 Workshops: Akademia SZTUKaterii & Aniro, Geoffroy Lhoest, Does stuccowork keep up with changes?, Centrum Festiwalowe

10.00-17.00 Lectures, Muzeum Kinematografii     
GRAPHIC: Fickle Design?
10.25 Rene Wawrzkiewicz, Polish design graphics as a form of transformation, rationalisation and disorganisation (pl)
11.10 Kuba Sowiński, Graphic evolution of the 2+3D design magazine (pl)
11.20 Katarzyna Worpus-Wrońska, Content, message and form (pl)
12.10 Magdalena Frankowska, Artur Frankowski, Design and art. Designing for institutions of culture (pl)
12.50 Daniel Mizieliński, Tamadezeina – what to do for it not to die (pl)
13.30 Mateusz Obarek, Maciej Rytczak, A blossoming garden, or on rebranding of Olsztyn (pl)  
14.10 Justyna Kucharczyk, Who needs it? – information in public space (pl)
15.00 Maciej Konopka, Dawid Korzekwa, 2D and 3D design in Poland (pl)
15.40 Gestalten, Sven Ehmann, Changing perspective – a personal re-exploration of media (en)
16.20 Agata Szydłowska, STGU for Łódź Design. Has everything been designed yet? (pl)

18.00-20.00 Discussion panel: about Romuald Loegler’s book, The City is Not an Architectural Plaything, Muzeum Kinematografii

19.00-21.00 Auction of objects from the Design Auction exhibition, Dom Towarzystwa Kredytowego

20.20 PechaKucha Night Łódź vol. 7, Textorial Park
PechaKucha is organised in cooperation with the Regional Congress of Culture.

30.10 Sunday

11.15-15.15 Lectures, Centrum Festiwalowe
11.15 Institute of Industrial Design, Joanna Kępińska, 4D, or democratic design for a distributor (pl)
12.00 Leroy Merlin, Katarzyna Hanus, Well designed with Leroy Merlin – a unique collection of products designed by Leroy Merlin Polska together with Polish designers and producers (pl)
12.45 Paged Meble, Anna Gołębicka, Design. Truths and myths about the needs of Poles (pl)
13.30 Fabryka Sztuki, Maciej Trzebeński, Art_Inkubator as a place for building creative entrepreneurship (pl)  
14.30 British Design Council, Weronika Rochacka, Design for change. From the experiences of the British Design Council (pl)  

Films, Muzeum Kinematografii
15.00 Dizajnerki – Polish Women in Design (pl), dir. Jacek Dużyński (60 min.)
16.30 Let’s Use It. The History of Polish Design (pl), dir. Małgorzata Olimpia Świderska (58 min.)
After the film, take part in the meeting with its director.

Catalogue of Łódź Design 2011

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